Al Huda Restaurant

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Al Huda Restaurant

1192 Forest Ave Portland ME 04103
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Welcome to the Al Huda Restaurant, where fresh Middle Eastern foods in Portland, ME are made to order. Since we opened our restaurant in Portland, Maine one year ago, we have received rave reviews from each and every customer. Our menu consists of a vast range of healthy Middle Eastern foods, including fresh chicken and tender kosher meat. We guarantee that our dishes are cooked fresh and nothing ever comer form the can. Whether you want to dine at our restaurant or order food and eat it form home, we promise to deliver quality service.

Our restaurant is situated on Forest Avenue in Portland, ME and from the moment you step through the doors of the Al Huda restaurant, you will be transported into an exotic haven. No matter what type of Middle Eastern food you fancy, we can supply it. Meet our attentive members of staff before you tuck into some Somalian cuisine or tease your taste buds with an Italian feast. Chefs at our restaurant use high quality ingredients that are plucked from the best sources to ensure every dish is infused with flavor. Our friendly service and tasty dishes have helped our business to progress and become a flavored culinary restaurant in the local area.

Call us today at (207) 797-3833(207) 797-3833 to get started, or provide us some information, and we'll contact you: